Hydraulic Cylinders
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Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic Cylinders

Features / Benefits
Single Acting, Double Acting.
Cylinder is honed to surface finish of 0.4 microns
Hard Chrome plated ram to resist scoring and corrosion.
Ram wiper protects cylinder from entering dirt and feoreign particles.
Operated by hand pump / Power pack
Bore size : 30 - 300 mm
Rod Size : 20 - 220 mm
Capacity : 0.5 tonne to 400 tonne.
Stroke : upto 1500 mm. based on size.
Working Pressure 25 - 700 Bar.
Cushioning & hardened ram available on request.

Mounting Style
A. Rectanlge front flange mounting
B. Rectangle rear flange mounting
C. Side foot mounting
D. End foot mounting
E. Clevis mounting
F. Double ( Female)Clevis mounting at rear end.
G. Front Trunnion mounting
H. Rear trunnion mounting
I. Intermediate trunnion mounting.